Precision Felt-tip Eyeliner



Precision Felt-tip Eyeliner

A felt-tip eyeliner for extremely dense, couture-like precision in an easy-to-apply format for dramatic eyes.

Item No. P082661

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Product description

  • Makes the art of drawing a fine or fuller line around the eyes simple with its adapted pen.
  • The longwear formula avoids smudging and fading.
  • Create either intense and glamorous cat eyes, or natural definition, mistake-free.

Active ingredients

  • High concentration of pigments provides an intense, even color.
  • Copolymer ensures a long-wearing result.
  • Polyols create a comfortable texture for all-day wear.

Use & tips

Along the upper lash line, trace a line which becomes fuller towards the outside of the eye.

Stretch the line outwards

Tip: to trace your line with the greatest ease you can position the felt-tip flat against the lash line. If the texture is not release straightaway, press the tip down on the hand to load the brush.

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