Beautifying Cream-in-Mist Anti-Fatigue



Beautifying Cream-in-Mist Anti-Fatigue

Travel-friendly, express and anti-fatigue, the Cream-in-Mist moisturizes the skin while giving radiance and freshness at any time of the day.

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Product Description

Givenchy reinvents the classic cream with travel-friendly, express-application anti-fatigue care. The formula sprays on in a fine mist to fully deliver its moisturizing and revitalizing properties. Infused with its benefits, the skin seems soft and smooth, it appears more radiant and visibly more beautiful.

Active Ingredients

The Blossom Glow Complex:

  • Angelica extract: a flower with revitalization properties to help the skin preserve its hydration. Skin is moisturized and better preserved from external aggressions*.
  • Pink berries: act on the skin’s defenses to ensure active beauty protection*.
  • Vitamin C: participates in the skin’s elasticity and suppleness to reveal its glow*.
  • The cotton extract acts as a protective barrier and helps to preserve the skin’s youthful look.

*Tests in vitro

Use & Tips

Apply in the morning to help diminish signs of tiredness and energize the skin, and in the evening to preserve its beauty.

At any time of the day for immediate anti-fatigue action and radiance.



Plump aspect of the skin +21%

Complexion homogeneity +35%
Complexion radiance +30%
100%*** of women found their skin texture refined.

*Instrumental test on 15 volunteers
**Self-assessment test conducted on 32 Caucasian women aged from 25 to 39 years old - after 1 month
***Consumer study conducted on 60 women aged 25 to 35 years old – after 1 month of application.

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