24h Wear No-Transfer & Comfort




24h Wear No-Transfer & Comfort

Ombre Interdite, the call of the forbidden at first sight. On contact with eyelids, this unique liquid eyeshadow transforms into a comfortable, full-coverage and no-transfer cream. Lightweight, its highly saturated and radiant color lasts for up to 24 hours. A pure concentrate of innovation for bold, limitless, almost illicit eye make-up.

Item No. P091071

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A foolproof 24 hour-wear eyeshadow to create highly color saturated and enlightening eye looks.

Its innovative formula seamlessly glides on the skin before merging instantly with the eyelid for a no-transfer wear.

Blend, layer, accentuate: the result is tailor made for a stunning and water-resistant make-up.

Ombre Interdite is available in 6 shades including four metallic shades and two matte tones.

Active Ingredients

In one stroke, eyelids get a luminous and no-transfer color in a thin layer that lasts 24 hours.

▪ Thanks to a texturing wax, this formula glides on eyelids effortlessly to leave a comfortable finish.

▪ A high concentration of fixative pigments and pearls delivers an intense color in one swipe.

▪ Filming resins with a strong adhesive effect offer a long lasting color despite eyelids movements.

▪ Synthetic micas multiply light reflection.

Use & Tips

Ombre Interdite offers a tailor-made result thanks to a buildable formula and a smart applicator.

▪ For a graphic “eyeliner effect”, draw a line at the base of the lash line with the tip of the applicator.

▪ For a dramatic look, apply the color all over the eyelid using the large and flat side of the applicator.

Use alone or layered up with Ombre Interdite other shades. For a blended effect, use an eyeshadow brush.

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