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Lash extension effect mascara



Lash extension effect mascara

Backstage secrets shared, the revolutionary 90-degree brush for professional results: buildable extreme volume and extra length.

Item No. P072021

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Product description

The 90-degree brush ‘lifts’ the lashes from the root, loading the lashes from the base for maximum length and intensity.

Intense black pigments make the Noir Interdit formula remarkably striking, rich, and even, with black rose oil to nourish the lashes.

The packaging is also dramatically chic, with its distinctive ribbon and Givenchy logo.

Active ingredients

  • Black rose oil combined with a fortifying vitamin helps protect and strengthen the lashes.
  • Malleable natural waxes that coat the lashes.
  • Polymers help set the curl formed by the brush.

Use & tips

Pull the wand out of its tube, reinsert just the brush into the tube and bend. With the brush at 90 degrees apply directly to the upper lashes.

Lash volume can be increased as desired, the result is infinitely buildable.

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