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4 in 1 MascaraVolume, Length, Curl & Care



4 in 1 MascaraVolume, Length, Curl & Care

A multi-dimensional, versatile makeup result for volume, length and curl. Very Couture.

Item No. P082681

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Product description

  • A unique tri-spherical brush builds thicker, longer more curved lashes that are also revitalized, and strengthened.
  • The low-water-content formula, enriched with polybutenes, adheres to the lashes, withstanding the most intense emotions and extreme weather conditions.
  • A twist on the classic non-waterproof model.
  • With a glossy silver façade signed Givenchy and a cap engraved with the 4G logo, this object has a deliberately sober, elegant and audacious design.
  • A radically chic but sober white casing signed Givenchy. The eyes have their own style.

Active ingredients

  • Copernicia extract: a plant-derived Brazilian wax that generously coats the lashes and makes them thicker.
  • Cera alba – purified beeswax with binding properties – ensures perfect hold.
  • Oxazolidone acts like a lipid to protect and restructure the lashes.
  • Energising and revitalising Artemia salina extract fortifies the lashes.

Use & tips

Using the brush, apply from the lash-contour to stretch the lashes from the root to the tip.

Tip: a single stroke is enough to coat them to perfection. The buildable formula means you can add layers for extra intensity and depth.

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