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Eye Liner Pencil



Eye Liner Pencil

The perfect pencil that defines eyes in a stroke. Firm but creamy, it works well for smoky eyes and can also be smudged over the eyelid.

Item No. P082715

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Product description

  • Intense, vibrant color which deepens the eyes.
  • Extremely soft formula offers multiple benefits and can be applied over the eyelid and along the inner rim of the eye.
  • Eyes are defined all day long.

Active ingredients

  • Linear silicones offer a soft, precise application.
  • High pigment and mother-of-pearl content provide an intense color and high coverage.
  • Polyethylene & kaolin ensure that the product is long-wearing and doesn’t run.

Use & tips

Draw pencil along the upper lash line, starting in the center and working outwards.

Continue the line from the center to the inside of eye, creating a gradually finer line.

Along the lower lash line, trace a line towards the outside of the eye.

Tip: this product is best applied to the outside of the eye, along the lash line.

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