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Le Rouge

Luminous Matte High Coverage



Le Rouge

Luminous Matte High Coverage

The Luminous matte and high coverage couture lipstick by Givenchy.

Item No. P083657

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Product Description

A true fashion accessory, timeless and elegant, encased in genuine leather that holds a soft & lightweight texture that glides effortlessly on the lips, delivering an intense color from the very first stroke.

The formula blends the replenishing and hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid spheres to the smoothing effect of Acmella oleracea flowers.

The lips feel instantly smoother and supple, in an extremely comfortable and intense color that lasts for 12 hours*.

Reimagined in 28 intensely pigmented couture shades, Le Rouge is the ultimate luminous matte lipstick.

*Instrumental test on 20 women

Four iconic shades from Le Rouge Givenchy are now available as individual refills:

▪ Le Rouge 306​

▪ ​Le Rouge 307​

▪ Le Rouge 333​

▪ Le Rouge 334


  • ACMELLA OLERACEA EXTRACT: helps smooth the lips.
  • HYALURONIC ACID SPHERES: visually lip firming and replumping the lips. Moisturizing component.
  • FINE OILS: give the formula a lightweight and non sticky aspect. Ensure the formation of a fine texture film on the lips.


Apply Le Rouge on your lips starting from the center of the lips towards the corners, beginning with the upper lip. Continue your application on the lower lip for a full Couture pout.

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