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Accentuate the shape of the eyebrows easily with a precise application due to the expert fine tip.

Item No. P082841

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Product description

  • Use for perfectly defined eyebrows that give shape to the face and highlight the intensity of the eyes.
  • The fine tip provides a precise application which glides on gently to perfectly define the eyebrows.
  • A brush on the opposite end lends a final finishing touch.

Active ingredients

  • Spherical powders contribute to a glide-on application.
  • Talc and kaolin ensure a long-wearing texture.
  • A high pigment content adheres the texture to the skin.

Use & tips

With the pencil, draw a line outwards from the inner corner to create the upper outline of the eyebrow.

Repeat the step for the lower part of the eyebrow.

Fill in the gaps in the eyebrow, working outward from the inner corner.

With the brush, comb through the eyebrows to soften the line

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