Givenchy Gardens

Givenchy Gardens

Givenchy Gardens

In tribute to Monsieur de Givenchy’s over 40 years of passion for the Jonchet gardens, Nicolas Degennes took inspiration from the colors of the peony to create both the packaging and the different shades of the Spring collection. It comprises products for the complexion, eyes and lips for a fresh and intense make-up.


For spring 2020, LE ROUGE sheathes are decorated with three different floral paintings. A triptych of exclusive prints* made to recall nature’s renewal and unveil a new, limited-edition texture.

Sprayed with a fine iridescent mist, the stick of these three new lipsticks projects a metallic shine for a frosted effect. “Starry” pigments add light and sublimate the natural curve of the lips. Its nourishing formula promises softness and lightness for an intense and long-wearing make-up result.

▪ Sparkling Peony N°01, a bright pink colour studded with golden illuminating pigments, recalling peony, symbol of everlasting femininity.

▪ Sparkling Poppy N°02, a deep red embellished with pink illuminating pigments evoking poppy, symbol of renewal.

▪ Sparkling Lily N°03, a radiant orange enhanced with silvery illuminating pigments embodying a bouquet of lilies and irises, symbols of purity and nobility.

* For Givenchy



As if plucked from a garden of pure colours, Khôl Couture Waterproof is available in three new comfortable and creamy shades:

▪ Peony N°11, a graceful powder pink for a radiant, summery makeup look.

▪ Iris N°12, a delicate purple for a luminous springtime makeup look.

▪ Poppy N°13, a deep red, emblematic colour of the Maison underlines the eyes for a fresh and bold makeup look.




For a fresh and luminous complexion, the Prisme Blush by Givenchy is available in the iconic Spice shade for the Givenchy Gardens Collection.
Reinterpreted in an impressionist style, the case is adorned with a bouquet of irises, symbol of royalty and purity.

Four prisms, two colours.
The orangey shade, a pure, matte and ultra-pigmented colour, is paired with the iridescent pink highlighter.
 These two shades can be blended together or applied next to each other, quickly and easily. The pink highlighter can also be used to highlight the tops of the cheekbones, the brow bone or the bridge of the nose.


Gardens Edition