1. Ensuring the traceability of 100% of natural raw materials up to the country of harvest and committing to a certification process for the brand’s key ingredients.

2. Reformulating 100% of products in compliance with exacting standards going beyond regulations.

3. Improving by 40% the environmental impact of all the products thanks to eco-design.

4. Reducing by 30% the quantity of fossil-based plastic used and promoting recycled materials.

5. Promoting more sustainable consumption trends by encouraging sorting and creating refillable packaging in skincare, fragrance and makeup.

6. Implementing transparent communication on the brand’s commitments for all internal and external stakeholders.

7. Stocking paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests or controlled, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®)-certified sources.

8. Reducing the CO2 emissions of production workshops and shops by 50 % and consuming 100% renewable energy.

9. Limiting air transport towards factories and markets and increasing by 20 points the use of maritime transport.

10. Supporting second chance programmes to provide new perspectives and opportunities to people who need them and allow our employees to get involved in these programmes.