Rituel de Nettoyage - Cleanser + Konjac Sponge



Rituel de Nettoyage - Cleanser + Konjac Sponge

The Supreme Alliance of Life Algae comes together with a rare black pearl powder. The daily skin-cleansing step turns into a ceremonial ritual, to create a delicious experience of well-being. The promise of smooth and purifying skin comes with a delicate vegetal sponge.

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Product description

    Exceptional Beauty-Renewal skincare. After several years of research, Givenchy Laboratories have selected two exceptional algae for their resistance and their life force, isolating the quintessence of their blended black sap and golden sap to create the Supreme Alliance of Life Algae complex with vitalizing properties.

  • A luxurious cleansing ritual shaped by ancient Japanese massage techniques for an outstanding experience of well-being. The natural black Konjac sponge polishes and encourages delicate cleansing.
  • This enveloping and magical pearl-black gel-cream transforms with water into a fine, pale emulsion with purifying properties.
  • Fresh, supple, smooth, skin appears finer and seems to glow with revitalized radiance.

Active ingredients

  • Black algae sap reveals amazing replenishing properties and helps to boost the skin’s balance*.
  • Golden sap helps provide incomparable vital resistance and revitalizing properties.
  • Vital Marine Water provides the ideal environment for black and golden algae to optimally deploy their properties. concentrated in nutritive manganese and silica.
  • Black Pearl Powder seems to improve radiance and gently eliminates impurities.

Use & tips

Moisten the face with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of cleanser like a mask to the entire face. Gently massage into the skin according to the ancient principles of the Japanese Kobido ritual. Pinch the skin between two fingers, rolling from the chin towards the ears. Then repeat from the nose to the cheeks. With hands flat on the forehead, apply pressure to the forehead followed by light rubbing movements.

Use the moist Konjac sponge to polish, working the cleanser into a lather in gentle circular movements over the skin. Rinse with lukewarm then cold water for a toning sensation.

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