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Brightening Serum Global Skin Radiance



Brightening Serum Global Skin Radiance

With the highest concentration of the Glow Reviver Complex™, global whitening and anti-aging actions are more effective than ever. The skin’s beauty blooms with a new translucent clarity and radiance.

Item No. P052091

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Product description

    This fresh serum melt on the skin to provide an optimal hydration and the highest possible concentration of the Glow Reviver Complex™. Strengthened by an additional ingredient – hop blossom extract – it offers and optimum radiance.

    A subtle, pearly and rosy luster helps produce a radiantly fresh and natural beautiful complexion. The appearance of imperfections are visibly lessened. Less dull and yellowish, the complexion looks fresh, vibrant, incredibly purified and radiant.

Active ingredients

  • Daisy extract: visibly diminishes imperfections and brighten’s the skin’s surface.
  • Japanese Magnolia extract: counteracts faulty giving a clearer, more intensely radiant complexion.
  • Apricot Flower extract: helps restore radiance, a smooth appearance and elasticity to the skin.
  • Hop Blossom extract: diminish imperfections and increases the brightening action for an optimum radiance.
  • Vitamin C derivative: helps restore evenness & translucency to the skin.

Use & tips

Apply 2 pumps of serum over the whole face with outward sweeping movements.

Apply Blanc Divin Brightening Lotion first for optimal brightness boosting results.

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