The skin-caring color corrector with 24-hour hydration¹

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The first in Givenchy's makeup line, a multi-purpose color corrector that conceals and balances skin tone while providing 24-hour hydration1 with 95% natural ingredients2 and a 90% skincare base3.


    Conceal, even and hydrate with Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Corrector, the first multi-purpose color corrector of its kind in the Givenchy makeup line. Revealing your skin's radiance, the 95% natural formula2 is infused with a 90% skincare base3 and 24-hour hydration1. Inspired by Givenchy's color expertise, complexion is balanced and unified by the effectiveness of these three fresh colors, straight from the Prisme Libre franchise.
  • BLUE CORRECTOR - The radiance booster
    Balance yellow undertones and illuminate tired-looking skins with the Blue Corrector, a bright lavender blue. Color irregularities are reduced, leaving the skin looking perfectly even. Dull complexions are instantly brightened.
  • GREEN CORRECTOR - The redness eraser
    Reduce redness, blemishes and color irregularities with the Green Corrector, a slightly cool minty green. Skin tone is evened out and hyperpigmentation is corrected with an exceptionally natural finish.
  • PEACH CORRECTOR - The dark circle neutralizer
    Correct and conceal dark circles, blemishes and fine lines with the Peach Corrector, a tender peachy coral. Skin texture is improved and looks smooth. Freshness and luminosity are maintained, while sallow undertones are neutralized.


    The formula is composed of 95% of natural-origin ingredients2 a 90% skincare base3, to improve the skin's quality and increase its radiance day after day. Its refreshing texture is enriched with a nasturtium extract and vegetable glycerin to guarantee comfort and hydration.
    With its lightweight, ultra-fine texture, Prisme Libre Skin Caring Corrector is easy to apply, imparting a bare feeling like a second skin. The gentle formula texture is as comfortable as a skincare texture and provides a no-matter effect correction before applying the Prisme Libre face routine.
    As part of our eco-responsible approach to luxury, Prisme Libre Skin Caring Concealer is made with a 48% recycled plastic in its cap. The outer pack is made with paper from FSC-certified forests or controlled wood & printed with bio-sourced ink.
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  • Each different corrector has its own application technique:
  • Blue corrector
    Brighten up a dull complexion by dotting on the concealer using the applicator tip, targeting the T-zone. Work in using your fingertips or a brush, or use a blender for increased coverage and correcting. This shade can be used over the entire face.
    Thom Walker’s tip: For a boosted radiance, add a few drops directly in your foundation.
  • Green corrector
    Neutralize any redness and hide imperfections by using the applicator to target the areas of your face that tend to flush, such as around the nose. Work in using your fingers or a brush, or use a blender for increased coverage and correcting.
  • Peach corrector
    Conceal dark spots and dark circles by dotting on the concealer with the applicator tip, particularly around the eye contour. Work in using your fingertips or a brush or use a blender for increased coverage and correction.
    Thom Walker's tip: for a fresh look all over or just under the eyes, add a few drops directly to your foundation or concealer.


• 24-hour hydration1
• 95% natural origin ingredients2
• 90% skincare base3
• Buildable coverage
• Comfortable & lightweight feel that melts into the skin

Hydration is improved, leaving the skin feeling supple and moisturized. Skin tone looks more even and the complexion is more luminous with an all-over glow.

Available in three shades with buildable coverage, to match different skin tones.
The shade range has been designed to match the different shades of Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow and Matte foundations, concealers and loose powders.
Blue corrector: shades 1 – 3
Green corrector: shades 1 – 4
Peach corrector: shades 1 – 5


Featuring a sculptural design and the signature 4G logo, Prisme Libre Skin Caring Corrector is the ideal on-the-go Couture accessory. The handy format allows for touch-ups at any time of the day while the ample size means it can be used as a local and all-over corrector.

The innovative petal-shaped applicator holds a generous amount of formula when used flat, while enabling precise application with the tip.


The corrector has been designed to be combined with the Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow and Matte foundations, the Prisme Libre Skin-Caring concealer and the iconic Prisme Libre loose or compact powders.

Before applying your concealer and/or foundation, use the corrector to hide imperfections and blend in with your natural skin tone. Then apply the quartet of loose powders for a luminous matte finish or use the compact for an even more matte makeup result.

To complete the look, add a touch of color with Prisme Libre Blush and then set your makeup with Prep & Set Glow Mist.

1 Instrumental test conducted on 29 volunteers for peach and blue, and 32 volunteers for green.
2 Calculation based on the international ISO standard 16128 Parts 1 and 2. The remaining 5% contribute to optimizing the formula's integrity over time as well as its sensorial texture.
3 Minimum percentage of the corrector base in order to hydrate before adding colouring ingredient.