Faux Semblant

La Collection Particulière – Eau de Parfum Intense
Orange blossom, Sandalwood, Oud

Between shadow and light, a trail as dazzling as it is enchanting.

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 商品リファレンス番号 # P031261

Textured Orange Blossom Absolute from Morocco is wrapped in rich Australian Sandalwood Essence and the deepest Malaysian Oud Wood. An addictive Woody Floral Eau de Parfum.

La Collection Particulière – crafted from the most precious materials, these fragrances of exception, each with their own powerful temperament express the Maison Givenchy’s unique savoir-faire.


  • Faux-Semblant, a mysterious presence emerging from the shadows of the Givenchy Hôtel Particulier. An elusive guest playing with the contrasts of twilight and dawn to create a captivating enigma.
  • Wrapped in a rich Australian Sandalwood Essence, this fragrance magnifies the most unexpected and intense facets of Orange Blossom Absolute. Opening with a mystical Incense Essence from Somalia, the scent unveils an opulent White Flower at its heart. Transcended by shades of gold, this floral note reveals an addictive radiance with the precious Amber notes of Honey from Provence. Then, an elegant contrasting base arises, blending rich Sandalwood with the depth of Oud Wood Essence to create a warm sillage.
  • The enigmatic elegance of this woody floral Eau de Parfum unveils the richness of Malaysian Oud Wood Essence, extracted with great savoir-faire of Master Distillers.


  • Oud Woody Floral
  • -Top: Belgian Angelica Essence, Somalian Incense Essence
    -Heart: Moroccan Orange Blossom Absolute
    -Base: Australian Sandalwood Album Essence & Malaysian Oud Wood Essence
  • This fragrance has been made in France in the Givenchy Ateliers.
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  • Add Accord Particulier de Givenchy to intensify the woody notes of Faux Semblant, for even more radiance. Patchouli and Vetiver bring vibrancy to the scent as they melt into smooth Sandalwood.

Oud Wood Collection

Mystical and sacred, Oud captivates the senses and reveals a noble and woody trail with a powerful oriental scent. Harvested by hand from the heart of the Aquilaria tree, the prestigious resin can only be collected after several decades of patience. Singular and rare, Oud wood is considered to be the most precious wood in perfumery. Recognizable by the depth of its spicy and subtle animal notes, it infuses fragrances with strength and sensuality.   Finely selected in accordance with Givenchy's savoir-faire, only the purest and most captivating Ouds, from Bangladesh to Malaysia, are used to enhance the creations of the Eaux de Parfum Intenses in La Collection Particulière.  ​


“You have your own style, personality. Accentuate them.
And if you have a favorite perfume, cherish it.
Because it’s a part of you.”
Hubert de Givenchy

La Collection Particulière, an invitation to meet your olfactory identity, and live the Givenchy Grand Style.

Hubert de Givenchy loved to surround himself with the most exceptional personalities in his Parisian Hôtel Particulier. Friends, artists and muses, all with singular identities, brought life into his home with their extraordinarily eclectic style, a great source of inspiration to the couturier himself.

Like these personalities, The Collection Particulière signs fragrances with unique and powerful temperaments. Meet the daring olfaction of Téméraire, let yourself be overwhelmed by the dazzling trail of Trouble-Fête or surrender to the fiery charisma of Enflammé…
Unique olfactory creations designed to unleash each person’s identity.

Crafted from the finest and most noble materials, these exceptional fragrances express the Maison Givenchy’s unique savoir-faire.


Faux Semblant - Between shadow and light, a trail as dazzling as it is enchanting. GIVENCHY - 100 ML - P031261

Faux Semblant

La Collection Particulière – Eau de Parfum Intense
Orange blossom, Sandalwood, Oud