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mat-finish & enhanced radiance loose powder 4 in 1 harmony

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Prisme Libre, the iconic 4-shade loose powder from Givenchy since 2006, guarantees a mattified, blurred and remarkably radiant complexion. Imperceptible on the skin, its soft, airy and ultra-fine texture brings a sheer, glowing finish that lasts six hours, and without caking up the features. In a single step, makeup is set and the skin is sublimated, radiating with light.

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Product Description

  • Designed in 2006 by Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy Makeup and Color Artistic Director, Prisme Libre loose powder features a harmony of four shades that mattifies, blurs and illuminates the complexion.
  • Givenchy's expertise offers a sheer, radiant finish that lasts six hours, without caking up the features, thanks to its soft, ultra-fine texture for sublimated, natural-looking skin. Behind that airy texture is a unique formula enriched with light-reflecting pigments to guarantee a glowing complexion in any environment. Day after day, skin is more beautiful and more radiant.
  • Soft-focus beads blur and even out irregularities. The skin texture is smoothed & the skin quality is visibly improved.
  • Enclosed in a sculptural case engraved with the iconic 4G logo, this powdery breeze sets makeup all day long.
  • Available in six harmonies, Prisme Libre loose powder delivers the guarantee of a perfect complexion for all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest.
  • Non-comedogenic loose powder.

Active Ingredients

• Polymer complex: absorbs excess sebum and mattify skin.

• Silica spheres and mica: blur imperfections of the skin.

• Light adaptable pigments: provides a luminous complexion during 6 hours and enables makeup to adapt to the light of any environment.

Use & Tips

  • Prisme Libre loose powder can be used alone or over foundation.
  • The puff provided inside the case is ideal for application that is both even and precise.
  • The powder is applied intuitively in three steps: Shake, Stamp, Blend.
  • Slip your index and middle fingers under the strap on the puff to hold it over the sieve, shake the case twice, then apply the powder by tapping with the puff.
  • The powder can also be applied using the on-the-go Prisme Libre Loose Powder brush for a more lightweight result.


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