Youth Preparation Exquisite Lotion



Youth Preparation Exquisite Lotion

A skin thirst-quenching prelude with an opalescent texture to prepare the skin to receive the following steps of the routine.

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Product description

  • A precious infusion of benefits for the skin and the first step in the L’INTEMPOREL skincare ritual.
  • The finely textured lotion glides on weightlessly, offering a sensation of generous moisture that inundates the epidermis with freshness and comfort.
  • Supple and radiant, the skin is smoothed and better prepared for the care s applied afterward. As if plumped from within, it glows with youthfulness.

Active ingredients

On the cutting edge of the most recent developments in age-defying cosmetics, Givenchy has developed skincare products enriched with a light-sensitive ingredient to help to combat visible signs of aging. This compound is combined with renowed age-defying ingredients to form the Timeless Blend Complex, working together to bring the skin a timeless youth benefit.

  • 1. Encapsulated POLYPHENOLS*: Encapsuled to remain intact until they are released into the skin for optimum efficiency.
  • 2. Light HYALURONIC ACID*: the ultimate bouncy ingredient, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is known to contribute reinforcing the firmness of the skin for a suppler and bouncier appearance.
  • 3. Stabilized VITAMIN E DERIVATIVE*: more stable than natural vitamin E, it optimizes the skin’s revitalization.
  • 4. Intelligent light-sensitive ingredient*: combats the visible effects of thermal aging and reinforces the skin‘s barrier for smoothed and denser looking skin.

*In vitro test ingredients

Use & tips

This ultimate pre-care is applied to clean skin in the morning and evening before day cream or night cream to optimize its effectiveness.

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