An ultra fresh and healthy glow gel that enhances the skin with a sunny veil

A healthy glow gel in a universal shade that precisely adapts to your skin color to enhance its tone with pigmented microspheres.

Item No. P090497

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Product description

  • A sheer unisex healthy glow gel, ultra-refreshing, easy-to-apply.
  • This universal shade offers customizable coverage and is suitable for any skin tone thanks to the pigmented micro-spheres encapsulated in its formula which release the desired amount of color upon application.
  • Its refreshing texture, containing more than 75% water, is lightweight and smudgeproof. It leaves a fresh, weightless sensation on the skin for a healthy glow effect in any season.

Active ingredients

  • Composed of 80% water, the formula gives a freshness feel to the application.
  • The glycerin provides a feeling of hydration.
  • The pigmented microbeads encapsulated in the formula naturally enhance the complexion while keeping a transparent effect.

Use & tips

Place a small amount in the palm of the hand to burst and release the pigmented micro-spheres, then delicately apply with fingertips over the entire face from the center outwards. The coverage is customizable through the application of successive coats for a more pronounced tan effect. Mister Healthy Glow Gel is a unisex product that may be used by men or women. Use it on its own or combine it with the other products in the Mister range.

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