High Precision Whitening Spot Eraser



High Precision Whitening Spot Eraser

A targeted and easy-to-use spot eraser pen that lightens imperfections and preserve from their future formation.

Item No. P053250

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Product description

Enriched with a highly potent evening primrose extract*, Doctor White spot eraser is expertly formulated to have a visible benefit on existing and future imperfections.

Active ingredients

  • White Integral Sequencer offers 10 brightening actions.*
  • Evening primrose extract lightens visibly existing imperfections and preserve from the formation of future ones.*
  • Belides, derived from daisy blossoms, contributes to preserve from the imperfections and participate to the uniformity of the complexion.*

  • *In-vitro test on ingredients.

Use & tips

Click the bottom of the pen to release the ideal dose of product.

Apply directly to the imperfection. It can be used daily and as often as necessary.

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