Le Rose Perfecto

Le Rose Perfecto, the most couture lip balm, is the perfect combination of color and lip care. Le Rose Perfecto is available in two finishes: Skin PH reactive shades which enhance natural lip color and offer a made-to-measure look and vibrant shades for a sophisticated look. It intensely envelops lips with a creamy texture and leaves them deeply hydrated, smoothed & fuller-looking. In keeping with Givenchy’s codes, le Rose Perfecto is sheathed in a slim pink leather case with the metallic stud signature.


The color palette covers twelve essential shades, a range of pinks from nude and rosewood to deep purple, coral and an iridescent translucent shade.

  • - 4 made-to-measure shades (01 to 04)
  • - 8 vibrant shades (000 to 304)


The pink enhancers (01 to 04) beautify natural lip color thanks to a skin PH reactive complex. This made-to-measure color is gradually revealed with a subtle coverage and gives a healthy glow look.

  • - Perfect Pink 01 : A blush pink which subtly enhances natural lip color with sheer coverage
  • - Intense Pink 02 : A bright pink which intensely boosts up natural lip color with  sheer coverage
  • - Sparkling Pink 03 : A sparkling pink which intensely enhances natural lip color with sheer coverage
  • - Blue Pink 04 : A blue and sparkling pink which magnifies natural lip color  with sheer coverage


The vibrant shades (000 to 304) enhance lips with a luminous color veil for a couture and bold makeup look.

  • - White Shield 000 : A light pearly white which leaves a transparent enlightening veil
  • - Glazed Beige 101 : A subtle frozen beige
  • - Timeless Pink 201 : A timeless soft pink
  • - Fearless Pink 202 : A bold vibrant pink
  • - Soothing Red 301 : A luminous red
  • - Solar Red 302 : A bright orange red
  • - Warming Red 303 : An intense warm red
  • - Cosmic Plum 304 : A glittery and sophisticated plum
Made-To-Measure Shades Vibrant Shades