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Rouge Interdit

Satin Lipstick Comfort & Hold - Illicit Color

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Product description

Brilliance and beautiful color in 24 shades. A feather-light satin sheen takes color to a new dimension, with reflective micro-crystals to accentuate depth and luminosity.

Contains the Givenchy AbsoluteColorComplex to ensure long-wear and a vibrant finish.

Exceptional comfort, that feels like a second-skin.

Active ingredients

  • Black rose oil known for its moisturizing qualities.
  • Biron liquid containing highly reflective crystals to accentuate the depth of the pigment.
  • AbsoluteColorComplex.
  • Ultra-fine oils.

Use & tips

Starting from the center of the upper lips, apply directly to the mouth in an outward motion. Repeat the step for the lower lips. For maximum pigment penetration, smooth in with the fingertip after application.

For maximum shine, apply Noir Révélateur as a top coat.

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