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Lip Ink

Encre Interdite, the lip ink that overcomes every limits. The power of a foolproof 24h wear along with a no-transfer color impact and the hydrating comfort of a lipstick. A pure concentrate of innovation for bold lips, almost illicitly colored.

Item No. P083481

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Product Description

    Like a liquid lipstick, Encre Interdite envelops your lips with an intense and fully-covering color while hydrating them for 6 hours.

    Like the most performing lip ink, it provides a no-transfer and waterproof color wear for up to 24 hours.

    Its unprecedented water-based formula gathers both colorants and pigments, offering a thin yet sensorial film for a true lasting color.

Active Ingredients

    In one stroke, an intense and no-transfer color is printed on lips with a thin layer that lasts 24h.

  • For the first time at Givenchy, dyes and pigments are gathered in a same formula to show an unprecedented bold color on lips.
  • A Black Rose extract, enriched in antioxidant polyphenols, helps to protect lips against aging and to soothe them.
  • A high concentration of water allows to set dyes on lips like a tattoo. It also delivers this unique “bare lips” sensation.
  • A vegetable glycerin helps hydrating the lips while maintaining their comfort.

Use & Tips

In one precise stroke, apply Encre Interdite at the center of the lips then spread it toward the lip line for perfect shaped lips.

To adjust the lip line, use the micellar water skin toner Ready-To-Cleanse on a cotton bud.



Encre Interdite takes lips make-up to a whole new level.
This formula is a real showcase of Givenchy innovation. Like a liquid lipstick, Encre Interdite envelops lips with an intense and fully-covering color in a single swipe.

Like a traditional lip ink, it delivers a foolproof 24 hour wear and is no transfer. Available in a range of eight shades that all make a statement.
The power of the forbidden in a single stroke.

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