Givenchy Parfums launches the creation of an NFT in support of the lgbtqia+ cause

To mark Pride Month this year, Givenchy Parfums states its support for the LGBTQIA+ cause by launching an unprecedented project: the brand has decided to team up with London gallery owner Amar Singh and the Rewind artist collective to create a digital artwork which will be sold for the benefit of the Le MAG Jeunes association. An initiative which perfectly reflects the House’s approach, according to which disruptive creativity and innovation always go hand in hand with values of respect and inclusion.

Drawing inspiration from the House’s hallmarks, as well as the colours of Pride Month, this original virtual artwork is being sold on the Veve specialised sales platform in a limited series of 1952 copies. After the sale, the proceeds will be entirely donated to the Le MAG Jeunes association.

Titled “Pride”, the artwork created by Rewind Collective for Givenchy Parfums is a series of animated portraits symbolising diversity, the assertion of identity and the fight for equal rights. Innovative photos, which the collective reinterpreted digitally in the colours of the Rainbow Flag, thus expressing Givenchy’s commitment to a more diverse, more inclusive, in short, more universal kind of beauty.

Through this initiative, Givenchy Parfums is proud to support Le MAG Jeunes (Movement for the Assertion of Young Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Trans people), a French association founded in Paris in 1985. Aimed at the LGBTQIA+ young population (15 to 30), Le MAG Jeunes focuses on support and accompanying: it carries out awareness-raising missions in schools, offers cultural and educational activities and provides psychological support to all those who need it. It also lobbies international institutions, so as to promote the implementation of more inclusive public policies, for today and tomorrow.

This initiative is fully in line with Givenchy Parfums' approach to promote diversity and inclusion.



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