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Product Reference # P090604

A retractable on the go brush specially designed for powder.
Its soft, ultra fine synthetic bristles enable seamless application, without streaks, for an even complexion with a sheer finish.
This ergonomic brush fits anywhere and makes it easy to touch up makeup all day long.

Product Description

  • Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy Makeup and Color Artistic Director, designed the Prisme Libre On-The-Go Brush, with soft, generous bristles, specially developed for applying the iconic Prisme Libre 4-shade loose powder.
  • With 4-color synthetic bristles inspired by Givenchy's very first face brush, this brush takes up and applies just the right amount of product for a seamless makeup result without streaks and an even complexion with a sheer finish.
  • Ideal for touch ups throughout the day, this retractable brush fits anywhere and makes application intuitive and easy.

Use & Tips

  • The ideal brush for applying Prisme Libre loose powder for a sheer finish.
  • Shake the Prisme Libre loose powder into the lid of its case.
  • Use the Prisme Libre On-The-Go Brush to blend the four shades of powder inside the lid, then load the brush with the blended powder.
  • Tap the brush on the side of the lid to remove excess powder from the bristles and apply the powder to the face in circular motions.
  • This brush can also be used for any other type of face powder.


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