Believe in Pink I
                        Believe in Pink
Both bold and pure,
assertive and poetic,
pink is a demonstration.
A rousing declaration.
A positive state of mind.
Live Irrésistible Rosy Crush,
the new entrancing bouquet in
every shade of rosy pink.
This vibrant floral is a sparkling
explosion of freshness where a burst
of roses blends with
goji and pink berries to
subtly spice up the fragrance.
While a patchouli-based chypre
accord makes this floral
bouquet irresistibly feminine.
A fragrance for free and
spontaneous women who
fully embrace the power of pink.
Live Irrésistible Rosy Crush,
a new vibrant floral bursting
with rose and vivacious pink pepper.
Full of the rosy energy of
a spontaneous woman who lives
freely and embraces the power of pink.
For Valentine's day,
the fragrance Live Irrésistible
Rosy Crush and Le Rose Perfecto are
reunited into a sparkling set.
Le Rose Perfecto
Le Rose Perfecto,
the most couture lip balm.
The colorful impact of a lipstick
and the care of a lip balm.
It embodies the perfect
combination of lip care and color.
In keeping with Givenchy’s codes,
it is sheathed in a slim pink leather.