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Immerse yourself in the ultimate skincare ritual with Le Soin Noir Huile-en-Gel Démaquillante. Endowed with the extraordinary life force of Vital Algae and golden algae, this sensorial gel transforms into a sumptuous oil that eliminates all makeup. The skin seems softer, smoother and more luminous. The skin’s texture looks refined and its barrier seems reinforced.


The first revitalizing step in your ultimate skincare routine, Le Soin Noir Huile-en-Gel Démaquillante indulges the skin in a multisensorial experience. On contact with the skin, this sensorial gel transforms into a sumptuous oil for absolute comfort and a moment of well-being.

Endowed with the extraordinary life force of Vital Algae and golden algae, this makeup remover eliminates daily impurities, leaving a bare-skin sensation after application for an ultimate cleansing experience.

After being cleansed of even tenacious makeup, the skin appears softer, smoother and more luminous. The skin’s barrier seems reinforced, resulting in a revitalized complexion.

Makeup remover oil Le Soin Noir.


Billions of years ago, life emerged from the darkness for the first time as algae. They have survived ever since, thriving in the most hostile conditions. After 25 years of research, off the coast of Ile Grande, Brittany, Givenchy Laboratories discovered the exceptional power of Vital Algae.

They have accomplished the feat of decoding and harnessing their secret of longevity: a unique molecular structure combining 4 micronutrients essential to skin youth, concentrated into an unrivalled potent Black SapTM which transmits the revitalizing power of Vital Algae to the skin.
Infused with this precious extract, Le Soin Noir offers ultimate skin benefits, revealing the skin's original light of youth.

Makeup remover oil Le Soin Noir with natural ingredients.
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  • Rub hands together and cup them like shells over your ears. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and immerse yourself in the Le Soin Noir marine universe.

    1. Take a small amount of product, heat the texture between your fingertips to transform the gel into an oil. Then apply the texture to the eyes and lips in delicate movements to remove all traces of makeup.
    2. Take and heat once again a small amount of texture. Then massage in circular movements upwards and outwards from the center.
    3. Emulsify the texture using a small amount of water and carry out the same movements until the oil transforms into milk.
    4. Rinse thoroughly with cool water to reveal perfectly clean and revitalized skin before applying the cleansing foam.


Users find their skin is perfectly cleansed, even with tenacious make-up1
Users find their skin is smoother and softer1

Users find their skin barrier is reinforced1
Users find their skin looks revitalized1
Users find their skin is more comfortable1

Makeup remover oil Le Soin Noir benefits.
Makeup remover oil Le Soin Noir's texture.


Experience a luxurious multisensorial Le Soin Noir double cleansing ritual with the Huile-en-Gel Démaquillante. Transforming from a sensorial gel into a sumptuous oil, its premium oil-in-gel texture provides exceptional comfort while eliminating makeup and impurities.

This Huile-en-Gel Démaquillante is formulated with 90% natural origin ingredients2

1 - Self-assessment by questionnaire. 43 adults of both genders from 27 to 59 years old, with normal, dry and mixed/oil skin types.
2 - In accordance with ISO 16128. Including water. The remaining 10% contributes to the sensorial texture of the formula and its integrity.


LE SOIN NOIR - Oil-In-Gel Makeup Remover GIVENCHY - 125 ML - P056397


Makeup Remover