The Essence of a Signature Scent

Echoing the spirit of its couture, Givenchy fragrances are sensual expressions of individuality, with a subtle dose of the unexpected.

Scent is an influential gatekeeper. It has the power to trigger profound emotions and surface distant memories. So it is only natural that one’s personal fragrance exude their character and captivate a room. Hubert de Givenchy regarded fragrance as the final touch of style and elegance and his perfumes have carried a distinctive and timeless olfactory signature since 1957.

Each Givenchy scent is as unique as its wearer, dressing the skin as couture does the body. A celebration of singularity, the house’s creations are elegant with an element of edge. Bending gender codes and featuring intoxicating twists, they are an embodiment of the timeless and avant-garde vision.

Givenchy scents are created with exceptional ingredients and unbridled creativity, a formula whose success is best illustrated by L’Atelier de Givenchy, a series of unisex fragrances from the Haute Parfumerie Collection. Within women’s perfumes, Very Irrésistible and Live Irrésistible are both unexpected interpretations of rose. Very Irrésistible was the perfumerie’s first floral-spice blend and the result is decidedly complex. The intriguing notes of star anise bring the bouquet to life while adding a certain modern sophistication. Among men’s fragrances, Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Toilette, released in 2017, is as daring as it is classic. The woody elegance of Patchouli and unexpected floral twist of Iris create a subtly powerful scent that blurs traditional boundaries between masculine and feminine.

This ability to master intricacy and accentuate identity continues to elevate Givenchy fragrances from scents to signatures.