Extreme Volume Mascara



Extreme Volume Mascara

Bold and dramatic: extreme volume and definition, a mascara for sophisticated intense eyes.

Item No. P082421

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Product description

The white fibres of the curved brush catch, stretch and separate all the lashes, while the black fibres deliver just the right dose.

The formula is soft like silk, and allows you to build in intensity for customised volume.

Jewel-like and embossed in the signature Givenchy studs, the NOIR COUTURE VOLUME lacquered case is a truly luxurious accessory.

Active ingredients

  • Enriched with Lash Booster Expert Complex: Oxazolidone protects the lashes and restructures them while Artemia Salina extract revitalises them.
  • Nourishing rice peptides fortify the lash.
  • Silica micro-beads filled with keratin add volume.

Use & tips

Apply the mascara using a zig-zag motion from the root to the tips for unlimited length and definition.

Repeat to upper and lower lashes until you have the desired result.

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