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Rosy Glow Highlight-Care Face & Eyes



Rosy Glow Highlight-Care Face & Eyes

An iridescent highlighter and skincare for face & eyes contour that brings a radiant glow.

Item No. P056123

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Product description

A true prism of light, this skincare cream smooths the eye contour and appears to diminish signs of fatigue.

Applied all over the face or in highlighting touches, it boosts the radiance of the targeted zone and illuminates the skin with a fresh, natural rosy shade.

Active ingredients

    The Blossom Glow Complex :

  • Angelica extract: a flower with regenerative properties to help the skin preserve its hydration. Skin is moisturized and better preserved from external aggressions.
  • Pink berries: act on the skin’s defenses to ensure active beauty protection.
  • Vitamin C: participates in the skin’s elasticity and suppleness to reveal its glow.

Application to Eye Contour

Applied to the eye contour, Rosy Light Radiance Skincare cream revitalizes the eyes’ radiant look and helps smooth away the visible signs of fatigue. Its creamy formula envelops the eye contour in comfort and bathes it in light.

Application to Face - Bringing out the beauty of the features

When applied as highlighting touches to prominent facial features (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, eyebrow arch and lip contour), the cream sculpts the face and brightens dull, tired skin.

Applied all over the face, it enhances features with a dewy glow for a sophisticated result. Rosy and fresh, the skin radiates light.

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