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Global Youth Divine Rich Cream



Global Youth Divine Rich Cream

A rich, solid-to-cream balm texture to provide comfort to even the driest skin. Well-nourished, the skin looks visibly smoother, suppler and more luminous.

Item No. P053042

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Product description

  • Innovative texture: a blend of butters and oils heat-molded during the production process, then instantly cooled to form an extraordinary balm.
  • Smooth and firm to the touch, the cream melts into the skin to fully release its properties on application without the slightest greasy feel. A customized response of comfort and relief needed by the driest skin.
  • The appearance of wrinkles is lastingly improved, the complexion is more even, and the skin’s elasticity, density and firmness are enhanced. The skin is nourished and visibly smoother, more supple and more luminous.

Active ingredients

On the cutting edge of the most recent developments in age-defying cosmetics, Givenchy has developed skincare products enriched with a light-sensitive ingredient to help to combat visible signs of aging. This compound is combined with renowed age-defying ingredients to form the Timeless Blend Complex, working together to bring the skin a timeless youth benefit.

1. Encapsulated POLYPHENOLS: Encapsuled to remain intact until they are released into the skin for optimum efficiency.

2. Light HYALURONIC ACID: the ultimate bouncy ingredient, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is known to contribute reinforcing the firmness of the skin for a suppler and bouncier appearance.

3. Stabilized VITAMIN E DERIVATIVE: more stable than natural vitamin E, it optimizes the skin’s revitalization.

4. Intelligent light-sensitive ingredient: combats the visible effects of thermal aging and reinforces the skin‘s barrier for smoothed and denser looking skin.

Use & tips

The intensely nourishing and delicately smooth formula is applied in the morning and/or evening to the face and neck in delicate upward movements.

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