Moisturizing & Embellishing Foam Mask



Moisturizing & Embellishing Foam Mask

A revitalizing 5 minute foam mask - like a gentle caress of light-infused hydration. Skin looks more luminous and as if from within.

Item No. P058002

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Product description

A replenishment for thirsty, dull skin. A cool, soft cocoon of foam releases a cocktail of bluffing hydrating ingredients.

Skin is re-energized and feels bouncy. Light reflection is improved– the complexion glows.

Active ingredients

  • Sparkling Water Complex®: Enriched with sugars and amino acid derivatives, the complex enhances skin ability to capture and retain water.
  • Aqua-keep technology: Contains tiny granules to hold and distribute water.

Use & tips

Apply all over the face and leave to absorb for 5 minutes. Massage any excess into the skin gently to complete the hydrating impact.

Apply once or twice a week whenever a skin radiance is needed.

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