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A luxurious iridescent black that invisibly illuminates the skin, this legendary age-defying skincare is born from one of the sea’s most precious biological treasures. The Supreme Alliance of Life Algae complex infuses the skin with revitalizing properties to preserve its life force. Visibly revitalized, the skin seems to regain density, elasticity and suppleness day after day. Signs of aging appear to fade away.

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Product description

Exceptional Beauty-Renewal skincare. After several years of research, Givenchy Laboratories have selected two exceptional algae for their resistance and their life force, isolating the quintessence of their blended black sap and golden sap to create the Supreme Alliance of Life Algae complex with vitalizing properties, that give the skin an overflowing source of youthfulness.

  • The fascinating, bold and shimmery black color melts into the skin to a luminously transparent glow. Its thin and fresh evanescent texture envelops the skin in lightness; it seems resplendent with even more beauty every day.
  • The Supreme Alliance of Life Algae complex preserves the skin’s essential energy. All the skin’s life forces seem preserved and revitalized.
  • On application, the skin is moisturized and nourished. The skin appears revitalized, gaining beauty day after day. It seems firmer, denser and bouncier. Skin texture seems refined, wrinkles and fine lines seem smoothed.

Active ingredients

  • Black algae sap reveals amazing replenishing properties and helps to boost the skin’s balance.
  • Golden sap helps provide incomparable vital resistance and revitalizing properties.
  • Vital Marine Water provides the ideal environment for black and golden algae to optimally deploy their properties. Highly concentrated in nutritive manganese and silica.

Use & tips

Morning and evening, take a pearl-sized amount of cream into the palm of your hands and warm it between your fingertips before applying over the neck, chin and cheeks in outward strokes. Lastly, smooth over the forehead from left to right.

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