UniVersal Shield SPF 50 - PA+++ Global Brightening Protection



UniVersal Shield SPF 50 - PA+++ Global Brightening Protection

One step further in whitening multi-protection: the 1st new generation shield from Givenchy

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To combat all the daily factors behind pigmentation spots and disorders, this skincare with its extra fine texture, applied as the last step in your brightening ritual, takes skin protection to the next level. A truly multi-functional and universal shield, it doubles the brightening effectiveness of the WIS® complex with a protective 5D-Technology to preserve the skin's brightness and transparency.


  • Skin radiance +26%
  • Skin transparency +28%

After 1 Month*:

  • Appearance of blemishes -38%
  • Skin whiteness +25%

*Clinical test carried out in China on 42 women applying the UV Shield to their faces once a day before making-up for 28 consecutive days.


White Integral Sequencer®(WIS®):

  • A unique complex composed of radical molecules especially recognized in dermatology for their skin-brightening properties*

5D-Technology for optimized protection:
Combined with a blend of extremely effective UVA and UVB filters, for the first time this unique and innovative technology ensures 5D skin cell protection against external aggression and free radicals, which helps to

  • Protect against UV damage*
  • Reinforce skin cell defense mechanisms*
  • Protect against glycation and a yellow complexion*
  • Protect against protein oxidation*
  • Protect against lipid peroxidation*

*In vitro tests on ingredients

How to

Apply as the last step in your Givenchy Doctor White10 ritual, after the Hydra-Whitening Youth Emulsion.

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