Radiance Reviver Cream Anti-Fatigue

Genuine anti-fatigue skincare, this ultra-sensorial cream awakens skin’s youthful appearance and bring out its beauty.

Item No. P056121

Product description
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Product description

  • Enriched with light-reflective micro-pigments, this anti-fatigue cream goes pink on contact with the skin, providing freshness and radiance.
  • The complexion is brightened and the marks of fatigue and first signs of aging seem to fade.
  • Application after application, the skin is fully moisturized, gaining light and clarity. Its natural rosy glow is revealed.

Active ingredients

As a beauty preserving gesture, the L’Intemporel Blossom skincare routine energizes the skin's forces to help preserve from the visible signs of skin aging caused by life's daily stress. Formulated with an exclusive blend of angelica extract, pink berries and vitamin C, the Blossom Glow Complex* helps preserve the skin’s youth and radiance.

Givenchy anti-fatigue and skin embellisher care made of glow-revealing textures for beautified and radiant skin.
*The Blossom Glow Complex

Angelica extract: a flower with regenerative properties to helps the skin preserving its hydration. Skin is moisturized and better preserved from external aggressions.*

Pink berries: acts on the cutaneous defenses of the skin to ensure an active beauty protection.*

Vitamin C: participates of skin’s elasticity and suppleness to reveal the glow of the skin.*
*tests in vitro

Use & tips

Ideal for all skin types. Apply in the morning and/or evening to the face and neck in upward strokes.

A skin-perfecting, soft-focus film acts as an optical corrector and ideally primes skin for makeup.

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