Les Rouges

Dress up your lips!

Discover the new accessory for naturally glorious lips: Le Rouge Perfecto, a 3-in-1 lip product combining an ultra-moisturising balm, a replumping concentrate and a colour booster with a rosy, radiant finish.


A universal shade to make every mouth magnificent…


It’s simply the ideal lipcare every woman has been waiting for.

Le Rouge, Le Rouge-à-Porter, Le Rouge Perfecto – a whole, infinitely desirable, wardrobe for lips.


From the softest to the most sophisticated of shades, from transparent textures to highly pigmented formulas, this array of high-fashion lipwear offers the perfect lipstick for you – whatever the time, the place, or the mood.


Ramp up the glamour with these must-haves in just a few strokes, instantly adding a more chic, edgy and fashion-forward allure to your look

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