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A delightful first stage in your skincare regime, for a refreshing wave of vitality and clarity for a renewed translucency. The skin is purified and clearer, with a smooth texture and even complexion.

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Product description

The essential first stage for vibrant, radiant skin, this ultra-fine lotion combines the delightful fluidity of water with the beneficial effects of the Glow Reviver™ Complex, with hyaluronic acid for its intensively moisturizing properties and zinc to preserve from shine. As soon as it is applied, it envelops the skin in a comfortable wave of revitalizing freshness with a visible bouncy effect. Day after day, the skin shows renewed translucency: purified and clearer, with a smooth texture and even complexion.

Active ingredients

  • Vitamin C derivative: helps restore evenness & translucency to the skin.
  • Daisy extract: visibly diminishes imperfections and brighten’s the skin’s surface.
  • Japanese Magnolia extract: counteracts faulty giving a clearer, more intensely radiant complexion.
  • Apricot Flower extract: helps restore radiance, a smooth appearance and elasticity to the skin.
  • Zinc derivative: mattifies skin and diminish pore size appearance.
  • Hyaluronic acid: acts like a sponge to plump fine lines on the skin surface.

Use & tips

Apply lotion to cleansed skin with a cotton pad, morning and evening.

Use it before the Blanc Divin Brightening Serum for improved results.


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